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Strangest Insects -Here is the final of our 3-part series on the Strangest Insects in the World. Today we will focus on the last 4 of these amazing creatures.

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Here are the last 4 of the strangest insects in the World.

Driver Ants


If you have watched movies where unsuspecting travelers are swarmed by aggressive ants and gruesomely killed, then you have seen stories inspired by driver ants. Attack just one, and the entire colony of up to 20 million ants will take it really personally. They can kill and devour small animals and larger invalid animals (including humans). Their bite is powerful and their jaws will remain locked even if you tear an ant apart and kill it. To this end, natives use them for emergency sutures for wounds.

Assassin Bugs


This broad category of insects has an unusual and rather alien attack method. Their mouth tubes allow them to stab their prey and inject them full of a liquefying toxin. This numbs the prey and turns their innards into fluid. The liquid dinner can then be sucked back up through the mouth tube.


Hummingbird Moth


Even if you steer clear of insects, there is a good chance you’ll find the hummingbird moth adorable. This moth has evolved to resemble a hummingbird with a fat body and a convincing “tail” protruding at the back. Their wings can beat incredibly fast, which adds to the impression that they are in fact a bird. The moths are diurnal, which means they are active during the day, another reason they are regularly mistaken as hummingbirds. On a similar note, check out the snake caterpillar for another insect that bares a shocking resemblance to another organism.




Bees? The strangest insects in the world? We see bees all the time, which has somewhat inoculated us to their oddness, but let’s face it—bees are really odd, and we do not understand how they function at all. They are able to coordinate with each other even across distances, and appear to psychically communicate. Nobody knows exactly how beehives work, but each hive behaves more like a single individual than a colony of individuals. Bees clearly have a very different way of life than anything we can imagine as human beings.

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