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Having excess moisture in your home is one of the biggest contributors to pest problems developing. Up to half of the air in your home can flow upwards from crawl spaces, so it’s crucial to keep these spaces under control when it comes to moisture buildup. The best way to do so is to work with a company with experience in crawl space pest control services. There are many methods to keeping moisture under control, but we believe crawl space encapsulation to be one of the most effective.

Southern Pest Control is proud to keep homes around the Mississippi Gulf Coast safe from pests with customized crawl space treatments, eliminating infestations that stem from moisture problems.

When You Need Crawl Space Insect Control

Moisture problems can get out of hand when the homeowner isn’t aware of the buildup. They can also accumulate in different places in the home. Some of the ways homes develop moisture problems are:

  • Flashing, plumbing, or roofing leakage
  • Water from cooking, washing dishes, showering, or laundry
  • Broken or defective drains, downspouts, or gutters
  • Sewer backup or flooding
  • Damp crawl spaces, attics, or basements

If you’ve noticed moisture problems stemming from these causes or others, you should contact the crawl space pest control experts at Southern Pest Control to restore your property’s ventilation systems.

Benefits of Crawl Space Moisture Control

There are lots of insects and rodents around the Mississippi Gulf Coast that are attracted to humid, moist environments for sources of nutrition and breeding grounds. Some of the many benefits of crawl space rodent control are:

  1. Improved air quality for the whole home, creating a more comfortable living space
  2. Minimized risk of mold or fungi development that could lead to structural damage
  3. Increased energy efficiency property-wide
  4. Creation of an unlivable environment for wood-destroying pests like termites

Crawl Space Pest Control Services on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Moisture problems can quickly create pest problems and contribute to significant property damage if not dealt with swiftly and professionally. If you think you’re having moisture issues in your home, get ahead of inevitable pest problems by hiring your local exterminators. To learn more about crawl space encapsulation and other services we provide, contact the team at Southern Pest Control today!

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