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Bee, Wasp, & Hornet Exterminators – Control & Removal

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For over 45 years, Southern Pest Control has offered the best bee, wasp, and hornet control on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Stinging insects are something we all have to maneuver around, but they can begin to pose a real threat when they build their nests near our homes and businesses. Their stings can be painful and even dangerous for some. Our bee and wasp removal experts have the skills and experience to protect your home or business from stinging insects year-round.

Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control Services for YOUR HOME

We are all aware of the environmental benefits that bees, wasps, and hornets come with. From pollinating flowers to controlling insect populations, they keep our ecosystem running smoothly. However, when they feel threatened, these insects can dish out painful stings that can result in allergic reactions. Because of their tendency to become aggressive, it is important to hire a bee and wasp control team that can keep you safe from stings when you have an infestation.

Our Bee, Hornet, & Wasp Control Protocol

We are proud to have spent over 45 years removing bees, wasps, and hornets from Mississippi Gulf Coast properties. Our professional wasp exterminators will take the following steps:

  1. Our technicians will complete a thorough inspection to find the source of your infestation and all active nests.
  2. We use safe and humane strategies to remove all wasp and hornet nests. 
  3. We then perform preventative bee or wasp control to ensure that no further nests are built.

Wasp and Hornet Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

When stinging insects build nests on your business’ property, they can cause unsafe conditions for your staff and customers. Wasps and hornets like to forage for sweets and protein-rich foods in our garbage cans and gardens. They will also take advantage of meals being eaten outside. Whether you’re in charge of a school, retail store, or restaurant, the best move you can make to deal with stinging insects is to hire professional bee and wasp removal experts.

Southern Pest Control can protect your business year-round with safe and effective bee and wasp removal techniques.

It’s important to trust a professional bee, wasp, and hornet exterminator with stinging insect removal—the task can be dangerous if enough insects are present.

Carpenter bees can inflict property damage while yellowjackets and hornets pose a direct threat to customers and staff. We will protect your business from these insects.

We know that bees and wasps are crucial contributors to our ecosystem. When you hire our team for bee and wasp removal, we will use humane approaches like bee poles and protective gear to ensure a safe process.

We are proud to represent the Mississippi Gulf Coast as the local leader in wasp control. Southern Pest Control technicians are licensed, certified, and well-versed in local stinging insects.

Bee, Wasp, & Hornet Exterminators – Control – Removal Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area

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