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bed bugs in hotel in Mississippi Gulf Coast | Southern Pest Control

How Do You Check for Bed Bugs at Your Vacation Rental or Hotel?

A hotel stay promises relaxation, comfort, and excitement. However, hidden within the folds of sheets or tucked away in the
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Centipedes Friend or Foe | Southern Pest Control

House Centipedes in Mississippi: Friendly or Hostile?

As homeowners in Mississippi, we’re no strangers to sharing our space with various creatures. One such resident that often makes
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Tick on leaf | Southern Pest Control

Late Summer Pests

Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, residents are soaking in the last days of summer as the weather fades into
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Dog with a tick bite | Tick removal tips | Southern Pest Control

Tick Bites on Dogs: What You Need to Know

For such tiny little insects, ticks are capable of striking fear into the heart of any outdoorsy person here on
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How and Why Do Rats Get in the Attic?

There are many things you never want to find in your home and rats are one of them. They can
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Cockroach on a countertop during springtime in Mississippi

Avoiding Roaches in the Spring in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region

As spring brings new life and growth, it also brings more cockroach activity and visibility. Homeowners in the Mississippi Gulf
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