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We at Southern Pest Control hoped you enjoyed the article we had on 3 of the Strangest Insects in the World. Today we will continue with 3 additional of these interesting creatures.

There are more than 900,000 species of insects known, and likely there are millions more (scientists can only estimate). Insects account for about 80% of the species living on planet Earth. In a very real sense, this planet belongs to them.

Here are 3  more of the strangest insects in the World.

Goliath Beetle


Yes, insects can get even bigger. This beetle can grow up to four inches in length, and weighs even more than the locust described above. They are native to Africa and are sometimes kept as pets. They love protein, and can be fed dog or cat food or even baby food. Keeping a Goliath Beetle may hold some of the same appeal as keeping a tarantula, without the need to feed it mice.


Hercules Beetle


This beetle may not be the largest on the planet, but it is the strongest. Not only is it the strongest insect on the planet, but it is also the strongest animal, period. It can carry up to 850 times its own weight on its back.


Twisted Wing Parasite


This little fly is quite a menace in the insect world. As a larva, it waits around for a bee or wasp to come along. Then it jumps on board and burrows into the host insect. Once there, it morphs into a male or female second-stage larva. The male will burst out and go look for a mate. The female will remain inside the host, and only poke out her genitals. Once she is impregnated and lays her eggs, the cycle begins again.


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