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Different seasons means different types of pest infestations in Mississippi Gulf Coast homes and businesses. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever the season brings with seasonal pest control services from Southern Pest Control. Our expert exterminators are equipped to solve any pest problem through a combination of treatment and prevention. We have 45 years of experience providing pest control in this area – this allows us to design custom treatments that eliminate active infestations on your property and prevent future ones from happening.

Ready to give yourself peace of mind no matter what time of year it is with seasonal pest control from Southern Pest Control? Call today!

Seasonal Pest Control Services for YOUR HOME

How Does Seasonal Pest Control Work?

We use the latest pest control technology, combined with a unique knowledge of pests’ natural biology and behavior, to deploy targeted treatments that have a big impact. Our pest treatments interrupt the pest life cycle. This not only stops active infestations – it makes it far less likely they’ll cause issues next season, too.

Spring Pests

If you want to avoid ant and termite problems later in the year, the best time for treatment is spring. When you work with Southern Pest Control, we’ll check your property for signs of each and if there are we’ll shut down the threat before it has a chance to cause problems for you.

Summertime Pests

Food is abundant in the summer, which makes it pests’ favorite season. These ideal conditions mean that summer is also when they breed most rapidly. Don’t let the problem get out of hand – our summer pest exterminators use targeted treatments to get results that last.

Summer pest services treat the most common and harmful summer pests:

Fall & Wintertime Services

Pest populations peak in late summer, so which means pests can linger into the fall. Our fall treatments target these pests, and our winter services focus on pests that may have made their way inside. In the warm and comfortable confines of your home or business, pests can remain active even through the cold months. But you don’t have to worry – wherever they’re hiding, we’ll eliminate them.

Seasonal Pest Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Trusted Seasonal Pest Control on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

The key to effective year-round pest control is anticipating pest threats, and treating them before they become problems. Pest pressures in January are not the same as in July – we understand how to apply seasonal pest treatments that yield outstanding results now and months from now.

Nobody knows Mississippi Gulf Coast pests better than Southern Pest Control. We’ve been providing effective seasonal pest control to homes and businesses in the area since 1975. We know what works, and we can protect you too, so give us a call today to schedule your appointment! 

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