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Yes, it is still very hot in the Gulf Coast Region, but don’t forget fall is just around the corner. We at Southern Pest Control want to make you aware of Fall insects and pest concerns so that you can be prepared.

Many insects spend the winter as an egg or larva or pupa, but a certain group of insects overwinter as adults. They must find a location to sleep the winter away that stays comfortably between 40.50 degrees Fahrenheit. If this can happen, they are alive in the spring to go back to dancing on the leaves and flowers and to scamper around and reproduce. That magic location for overwintering is often the wall void of a home, which is the space between the outside and inside walls. Once they are in, the only decision to make is on which side of the insulation to hibernate.

When any insects are indoors, they do not eat or cause damage. The damage occurs when the human that finds them crushes, smashes or creams them into the upholstery or lamp shades. These are stains that do not come out in most cases.

The key to not having unwanted guests is to do some late summer home inspection right about now. You are looking for cracks and crevices that an insect could slip through. That crack does not have to be any wider than the thickness of a credit card. If time is limited, start with the two sides of the house that are the warmest: the south and west sides where many insects hang out. Caulk cracks around windows and doors. Check around anything that is cut into the exterior of the house like a dryer vent, gas line or light fixtures that do not have a bead of caulk surrounding them. Check or repair door sweeps. Vinyl and aluminum siding offer many places for insects to slip under and this is not easy to fix.

We at Southern Pest Control hope this information was helpful. We are here to help you with any fall insect or pest problems that may arise. We have been serving the Gulf Coast Region for over 37 years with trained pest control experts. Please visit our website at ww.southernpestcontrol.biz to meet our team and learn more about us.

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