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Ant Exterminators – Control & Removal

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Southern Pest Control has been your local leader in ant pest control for over 45 years. We know that ants can be frustratingly persistent—unfortunately, ant infestations are some of the most common household pest problems. DIY ant control methods can fail to solve the problem or even make it worse, which makes it important to ask a professional ant exterminator for help. That's where Southern Pest Control comes in. Our technicians are dedicated to keeping your whole family safe from ant infestations year-round with proven and lasting ant extermination strategies.

Ant Control for YOUR HOME

Most homeowners have to deal with an ant infestation at some point in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Many people look to buy traps in stores to get rid of their ants. Unfortunately, these traps don’t often work to control ants in any long-lasting sense. Ants are persistent: one colony can easily split into multiple, hiding in different places on your property. To get rid of ants, your best bet is to work with your local ant exterminators. 

How Our Ant Exterminators Can Help

When your ant problems just won’t quit, it’s time to hire the ant removal team at Southern Pest Control. We will take these steps to get rid of ants in your home:

  1. Our ant pest control specialists will conduct an inspection to find the active ant species and the source of the infestation.
  2. We will use pertinent ant control products to keep ants out of your home.
  3. We will provide continued ant control service appointments with prevention tips to avoid future outbreaks.

Ant Exterminators for YOUR BUSINESS

If you own a business, especially a restaurant or food processing facility, you know that ants can be a major nuisance. Ants can travel further than you would imagine looking for food. When they find a food source, they will release a pheromone signal attracting a trail of followers. This leads to clusters of ants becoming nuisances in schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Southern Pest Control can provide effective and efficient ant removal that targets multiple local ant species.

With more than 45 years in ant extermination, we know what to do to keep ants out of your commercial property year-round.

It’s important to work with an experienced team of ant exterminators for commercial pest control. We are proud to be your local leaders in ant extermination for commercial properties, employing technicians with years of experience.

Carpenter ants, fire ants, and flying ants can bring your business’ operations to a screeching halt. We will protect your customers, staff, and property from these more dangerous local ant species.

We understand that discretion is of the utmost importance in commercial pest control. When your business has ants, we will work around your schedule to determine the best time to conduct service.

Southern Pest Control has been Mississippi Gulf Coast’s best option for ant pest control for over 45 years. Our licensed and certified ant exterminators can stop active infestations and prevent future ones, too.


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