Ants inside a houseAnts are incredibly difficult to get rid of entirely if you approach them the wrong way. If you’ve dealt with an ant infestation in your home before, you know that they seem to keep on coming back no matter what you do. They’ll pop up in new areas in your home every day, becoming a total headache to deal with. Why are ants are so persistent?

In order to conduct the best ant control possible, you have to learn about the ways ants work and avoid the strategies that so commonly fail. If you need expert advice on ant control on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, read on for insight from Southern Pest Control!

Why Is My DIY Ant Control Failing?

The problem with the most commonly chosen ant control strategies is that they ignore the source of the problem in favor of addressing its symptoms. When ants show up in your house, your first inclination might be to squash them or spray them with a store-bought pest control product. This will only delay or worsen your problem.

“How could it possibly worsen it?” you might wonder. It helps to know that when you kill ants, they release a pheromone signal that warns nearby ants to avoid the area. Other ants will sense this signal and change their method of approach. Given that they’re so small and sneaky, ants should have no problem finding a new way into your home.

Ant Control Strategies That Really Work

What can you do if you can’t squash or spray ants to get rid of them? We believe that these three steps lead to the most exhaustive and long-lasting ant control solution:

  • Find where they’re coming from: If you can determine where the ants in your home came from, you can seal their entryway with caulk, block it with a screen, or spray it with a citrus-based cleaning product to discourage activity.
  • Take away their food and water: Ants are probably living in your house because they have access to food or water. Cleaning up spills, storing your food in airtight containers, and keeping your kitchen and bathroom well-ventilated will prevent easy food and water access.
  • Call your local experts: Professional ant exterminators are trained to follow ant trails all the way back to their source in a nest or ant hill. Getting rid of the ant colony on your property is the only way to ensure that ants never bother you in your home again.

Expert Home Ant Extermination on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

If you’re ready to live an ant-free life in your home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it’s time to team up with your local ant exterminators. The licensed and certified technicians at Southern Pest Control are trained to conduct full-service ant removal. We can visit your property to determine where your ants are coming from, eliminate the colony, and show you how to prevent future problems on your own. Reach out today for a free quote!

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