Tick on leaf | Southern Pest ControlHere on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, residents are soaking in the last days of summer as the weather fades into fall. While we’re busy with backyard BBQ’s or hanging at the beach, pests are also busy trying to make the most of late summer. Contrary to popular belief, pests thrive during this time, with plenty of warmth and outdoor activity providing ample opportunity for them to enter your home in search of a food source, or place to nest. 

Most Common Late Summer Pests 

The warm and humid climate of late summer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast fosters an environment that is ideal for pest proliferation. As summer winds down, our region experiences a surge in any number of pest invasions, not the least of which are:  

  • Mosquitoes: With about 2000 cases of malaria reported every year, mosquitoes pose a distinct threat to your home, and they thrive in the warm humidity of late summer. With their swarms well established, they will be seeking out food sources like you, your family, and your pets. 
  • Flies: Breeding fast and in large quantities, by late summer you can easily find your home overrun with house and/or fruit flies. Overripe vegetable gardens or improperly sealed garbage bins are major attractors of these unwanted pests.  
  • Bees, Wasps & Hornets: Attracted to the sweet scents of gardens in full bloom, these stinging pests can easily find their way onto your property and into your home. Untended fallen fruit and rotting garbage are also major hubs of activity for these potentially dangerous pests.  
  • Cockroaches: These pests can be found everywhere warm and humid environments are, making late summer on the Mississippi Gulf Coast ideal for them. These pests seek to invade your home as they search for food sources and a place to escape the coming cold.  
  • Spiders: Daddy longlegs, orb weavers and giant house spiders are just a few species most active in summer. Late summer will find these creepy crawlies seeking out mates, following their food, and enjoying the milder temperatures of your home. 
  • Rodents: Damaged vents, holes along the roof or soffits, open doors or damaged screens are all easy access entry points for rodents like squirrels, mice and rats.  
  • Snakes: Heightened rodent activity is guaranteed to be accompanied by an uptick in snake presence. Taking advantage of the same access points as their prey, a professional inspection of your property can help prevent a frightful encounter.  

Professional Help You Can Trust 

With over 45 years of experience serving our local communities, the expertly trained team at Southern Pest Control is ready to help you say hello to peace of mind and say goodbye to pests for good. From small pests that do big damage, to wildlife that found their way in, we’ve got you covered with preemptive and year-round pest control you can rely on. Call today to request a free estimate! 

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