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We at Southern Pest Control know that summer time is filled with fun activities and enjoying the great outdoors. But we also know that this can be the worst time for you to deal with unwanted pests around your home. We are supplying  this information in an effort to hopefully help you with some ways to avoid a pesty summer.

Do you ever wonder why so many different pests bother you and your home in the Summer? There are several factors that help boost the insect population during the summer months.

As winter ends and the temperatures start to rise, insects and wildlife start to come out of their winter slumber and start looking for food. Add their natural instinct to reproduce at this time and you have a recipe for an insect problem. This can be a headache for homeowners even though these creatures may be a vital component of our ecosystem.

Below are the 6 worst summer pests to be on the lookout for and some handy tips that may make your pest problems less of an issue during these months.

  1. Mosquitoes

These little critters are possibly the worst nuisance to deal with in the summer. These insects are not just annoying and also can cause you to itch. They can carry and transmit some harmful diseases as well, such as the West Nile Virus of the Zika virus. Their population peaks in June.


The most important prevention technique is to eliminate standing pools of water. These pools are used my mosquitoes for reproduction. By eliminating these areas mosquitoes will search other places to terrorize so the number on your premises will be greatly reduced. You can also use some eco-friendly products such as citronella.

2. House Flies

Houseflies are always a pain to deal with, but the hot summer months can make dealing with them even worse.  These insects are attracted to food and sweet beverages. If you have a spilled drink or decaying fruit, flies can quickly enter your home and start reproducing at alarming rates. And more alarming is that they can care diseases to humans.


You can never keep flies completely out of your home, but keeping a clean house will help immensely. Wiping down your counters with disinfectant, taking out garage frequently, and cleaning up any food items that may have been left out after a meal can be very helpful.


Ant infestations typically peak at the end of July. Even though ants are virtually harmless to people, they can still be a bother to homeowners.


The key to deterring ants is to make sure all viable food sources are stored and sealed properly.  Keeping your home clean and free of crumbs and leftovers laying around as well as taking out your garage on a regular basis can help reduce the likelihood of ants getting in your home. If they however do get in, follow the trail they have created and seal their point of entry. Also eliminate all pooling water throughout your home, as these sources are vital to their survival.

4.Stinging Insects

Insects that pollinate like wasps or bees are a vital component in maintaining natural plants communities during the summer months. They however will attack anyone around when they feel threatened. Their peak month is August. Even though they are normally not life-threatening to humans, they can be a risk for those who are allergic to their stings.


Since these insects are important to our environment, you should not try to have them removed unless they are a threat to your home. If removal is necessary be sure and have a pest control professional take care of this.


Even though these insects can infest your home at any time during the year, they become a bigger issue during the summer months. During these months they are looking to find a safe place to escape the hot summer heat. Cockroaches do not take long to become a major problem, since they have a fast reproductive capability.


The prevention is similar to what you did to keep ants from becoming a nuisance. This was ensuring that your home was kept clean, which including removing leftover food scraps, taking out the garbage on a regular basis, and eliminating clutter that they may hide under.

  1. Termites

Termite swarming season is usually around mid-May. Termites are forging tunnels throughout your yard throughout the warmer months looking for viable food sources. It is critical that you take the correct precautions to avoid these destructive insects from getting into your home and possibly cause a great deal of damage before being detected.


The only real prevention is to have your home inspected regularly by a pest control professional. When purchasing a termite bond you are insuring yourself against any termite problems that may arise. However even though your pest control company is usually taking responsibility for damages caused by termites, it is your responsibility to take all precautions necessary to avoid moisture issues in and around your home and to replace any wood that may have rotting issues. If you are unsure of these concerns it is always pest to ask your pest control service.

Although these pest could become a major problem in the summer, they can be prevented by taking precautions. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at Southern Pest Control 1-800-527-9832, our friendly staff is always ready to help in any way.


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