Diseases caused by insects You need to be aware of to protect your family

If you live in the South, insects are nothing new to you. But are you aware of the diseases they may carry? Here are some potentially dangerous diseases transmitted by insects that you could come in contact with. Protect your family by learning the facts!

Lyme Disease

This disease is spread by ticks, which infect about 300,000 Americans every year. Ticks love wooded and grassy areas, so you can easily come into contact with one by hiking, camping, working, or simply playing in one of those outdoors areas.

West Nile Virus

The dreaded mosquito spreads this virus, which reaches its peak during the summer months. Mosquitos that spread this virus are especially active during the nighttime hours, so be especially aware after sunset.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

This disease is spread by a bacteria living in ticks, and can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms like headache, vomiting, and abdominal pain. This disease can even be fatal if not treated quickly, so ticks are definitely one insect you want to avoid.


Different forms of this illness, including diarrhea, food poisoning, and other intestinal diseases, are caused by cockroaches. These insects carry the disease-causing bacteria on their legs and bodies, and can transmit diseases to you and your family by scampering over food or utensils.

Don’t let your family fall ill due to disease-ridden insects – contact us at Southern Pest Control on how to get rid of insects for good. Protect your family and prevent these insects from potentially making you and your loved ones sick!


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