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Termites in the Winter. We all are aware of termites around swarming season in May. We can see activity in our normally warmer months of the year. In the winter and wet months, they seem to disappear, leading many to believe that they either just stop working and hibernate or just die off under the snow or wet soil. Both of these seemingly obvious answers are far from the truth. Termites remain active throughout the year.

Termites do not have the ability to generate their own body temperature, they are also not reptiles but are cold blooded, meaning the temperature changes in the environment can affect their bodies directly. The termites that build nests in the ground are the ones that are thought to be dormant in winter. These termites handle the cold by simply digging deeper into the soil in search of warmth. Termites have been found at over 40 inches below their nests, deep into the ground. Their activity can slow down to an extent, but they do not by any means lie dormant. They still forage for food and can still damage wood in the winter. The extent of damages caused by termites in the winter months depends entirely on the type of termite, size of colony and proximity to wood. Three things are essential for the survival of termites – water, wood, and heat. All three of these may be easily found in your nice warmer home during the winter months.

During the winter months, termite activity is slowed down, but it does not mean it will stop altogether. The same things you should look for in the summer for infestation: mud tubes on walls or floors, sunken wood surfaces that seem like mild craters on the surface, shed wings of the insect in or around the house, and wood powder near minute pinholes on the face of the wood are still relevant in the winter. It is important to stay alert all year round to termites.

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