Snakes may be less active in the winter but they do not hibernate If you are not a snake lover, you probably should read on. What follows are a few ideas for keeping your home sealed off from snakes this winter.

Though it may seem this way, snakes are not in your home simply to terrify you. They typically take up residence in human homes for reasons of survival and safety. Generally, they are in search of food or shelter. They will typically come into the home and attempt to find a small, warm and covered space to counteract their cold blooded nature. They are most often found in crawl spaces. Sometimes, when the spring comes and they are looking to get out, they end up in your home.

Please follow these tips to help keep snakes out

  • Keep your grass cut and pay close attention for rodents. These are a favorite delicacy of the snake, and will surely attract them to your property.
  • Cracks that you may miss, are not going to be missed by snakes and other creatures looking for a safe place to live.
  • Use weather stripping to seal off your home. Gaps under doors are an easy way for pests to make their way in.
  • If you can see daylight through a crack or hole in your home’s pipes, vents, foundation, windows, etc., then there is a good chance that a snake can get in.
  • Tall grass and overgrown shrubbery will keep snakes hidden and are also, as we mentioned, attractive to rodents that attract snakes.
  • Snakes are looking to hibernate for the winter and will often find crawl spaces to be safe, warm and damp.

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