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Does it seem like stink bugs have been getting more common in Mississippi Gulf Coast over the last several years? It’s very possible because they thrive in warm temperatures. Fortunately, stink bugs are fairly harmless to humans, pets, and property. On the other hand, they are quite unpleasant, especially when you’re dealing with lots of them, and the namesake odor they release can be quite offensive.

If you’re dealing with stink bugs in Mississippi Gulf Coast, you’re probably wondering what the best way to get rid of them is. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our expert tips on how to get rid of stink bugs.

When Do Stink Bugs Emerge in Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Stink bugs are sensitive to cool weather, so they typically die out or go dormant in the winter. They emerge in the spring and lay eggs from May to around September. They tend to be most numerous in the summer and into the fall.

How Can You Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Your Home or Business?

Stink bugs are harmless, often slow, and unafraid of people. This makes it easy to deal with individuals yourself. Some popular ways to get rid of stink bugs include:

  • Trap them – This is not a good way to deal with large numbers of stink bugs, but if you’re only dealing with individuals here and there, trapping them and throwing them outside might be the best way to go. They’re slow, harmless, and easy to trap. Make it a contest in your household to see who can throw the most stink bugs outside.
  • Vacuum them – If you find a stink bug hotspot where many are gathered, consider breaking out the vacuum. A heavy-duty shop vac with an extender attachment can make a big difference in the battle versus stink bugs. Just make sure you empty the vacuum into a sealed bag – otherwise, the stink bugs may climb out.
  • DIY stink bug traps – Fill a small tray with soapy water, place it under a lamp. The light will attract stink bugs, but when they arrive, they’ll fall into the water and drown.
  • Indoor pesticides – Indoor pesticides claim to work against a variety of household pests, but they’re not very effective against stink bugs. We advise against using chemical treatments indoors unless you’re a trained professional.
  • Professional help When you start seeing numerous stink bugs, that’s a sign you may have an infestation on your property. That means you should consider hiring a professional stink bug exterminator.

Can You Hire a Professional Exterminator to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs?

It can be easy to mistake boxelder bugs with stink bugs. There are some key biological differences, but they look very similar to each other, move very similarly, and they can be dealt with in similar ways. No matter which you’re dealing with, we’ll take care of the problem. Give us a call to schedule your appointment – we’ll send out a friendly and knowledgeable exterminator who will conduct a full inspection. They’ll provide you a clear picture of the pest problem you’re dealing with and tell you about your best options for getting rid of them.

Whether it’s stink bugs, boxelder bugs, or anything else, we’ve got the treatments to solve your problem ASAP.

Schedule Your Stink Bug Treatment Today

There’s no other way to say it – sharing your home with stink bugs stinks. Especially if you’re sensitive their smell or if you have pets that can’t leave them alone. If you’ve had enough of them damaging your plants or just seeing them around, the experienced exterminators at Southern Pest Control are ready to step in and solve the problem.

Our cutting-edge approach combines advanced treatments and specialized knowledge of stink bug biology. Give us a call today to schedule your treatment.

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