pest control Gulfport MSWhy in Gulfport MS Pest Control is essential for protection against termites

Termites are a major concern in the South, especially around the Gulfport Mississippi area, for a couple of reasons. One we have boats docking at our ports that could possible bring in foreign termites, and secondly because of the moisture and humidity that is prevalent in our area year round. These tiny creatures which are found in homes, offices and in industrial sites can create huge problems which could result in major repairs to these structures. They feed on anything made from timber or by products of timber.

Just like humans, termite colonies have various social classes with specific tasks to perform. The classes rely on one another to survive. The classes include the winged reproductive, workers, soldiers, and royal family. They are constantly forging underground looking for food.


If you suspect termites in your home, look out for soldiers. They are the ones found in large numbers, and you are most likely to see them before anything else. Their only purpose is protecting the colony.

The Queen and workers

The queen is tasked with helping the colony grow. She can lay more than 2000 eggs a day and can live for as much as 25 years. Your pest control companies in Gulfport Mississippi is mainly targeted at getting rid of the queen and with it the colony.

The workers build nests and repair them when required. They are the ones that do the actual damage in your home. They spend their lives inside nests, chewing and eating.


Why you need pest control Gulfport MS

This is because the queen can lay millions of eggs in one lifetime. Homeowners who suspect termites need to get help to rectify this problem as quickly as possible in order to prevent damage. Termites damage homes more than fires and storms combined. It is recommended that you speak with a professional and have your home inspected if you have even the slightest doubt that you may have termites. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover damages caused by termites. Your pest control company can offer you a termite bond that basically says that if you pay them to inspect and treat your home and if you maintain your home to take precautions against termites, that they will cover the cost of damages as a result of termite damage while you are using their services.

It is also recommended that you get in touch with professionals like Southern Pest Control if you suspect an infestation inside or outside your home. You will be able to prevent any damage to your home by using Southern Pest Control for your termite and pest control protection.

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