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Are you as a Homeowner still asking questions Pest Control Services & the Pandemic? Pest management professionals are critical to protecting public health. Arthropod and vertebrate pests do not decrease because we have a human crisis. They can actually become a more serious problem. The warmer hot seasons of Spring and Summer came all at once due to the mild winter he experienced again this year. We are experiencing an increase in rodents in major cities across the nation with restaurants closed and as we all are work through social distancing, wearing masks and staying at home.

While it is true that most healthy people infected with the virus will have mild symptoms, some may be asymptomatic for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and unknowingly transmit it to others. A person is considered asymptomatic if he or she is a carrier for a disease pathogen but experiences no symptoms. It is important for the customer and the pest control technician to practice social distancing and wear masks to help protect each other and their families.

All pest control employee and customer safety should be a top priority with pest control companies. Since Pest Control Operators are considered an essential service, each operator can decide what services they will offer and how they will offer them. It is each operator’s responsibility to move forward under the new conditions safely. The only way to do this is for you to analyze as much credible information as possible, then adjust their business’ current standard operating procedure.

We at Southern Pest Control take Customer and Employee Safety as our number one priority. We want to assure our customers that we are taking all necessary pre-cautions to protect you and your family when preforming our services at your home or offices. All of our technicians have appropriate protective gear when preforming pest control services.

We have been serving the Entire Gulf Coast region for over 39 years with trained professionals prepared to ensure that your home or offices are safe and free from any unwanted pests. We will continue to do so safely in our current environment. Please visit our website at to meet our team and all the services we offer. Please do not hesitate to call us at 800 527-9832 if you need our help, our knowledge staff is ready to answer your questions and schedule a technician to handle your pest problems.

We will all continue to get through these trying times together and become a stronger community when this is over.

Pest Control and COVID-19 Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area

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