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How should I pack when taking a beach vacation

A beach vacation  gv  has unique qualities that some other types of vacations do not have. With this in mind there are things that you want to remember to pack when taking this type vacation. We know you have clothing, accessories, emergency supplies and everything else, but don’t forget these essentials for your days of fun in the water and sun.


Bathing Suit 

Other than enjoying the beach with your families and friends the most important thing you need is a bathing suit or two to enjoy the wonderful sunny beaches in Destin.

Sun Glasses

Don’t forget your sunglasses. The sun rays are strong and also bright and your glasses will help you see better to enjoy the wonderful scenery.


Sunscreen is the next most important item to your bathing suit. The Florida sun rays are hot and strong, without the proper sunscreen for your complexity, a great vacation can turn into a disaster.


You may not be aware but the most common place for a sunburn is the top your head. It is the part of body we often forgot to protect. Therefore a hat is a definite accessory. It can also help protect your face. And best of all your hat can make a statement of who you are.


Regardless of what type of shoe you prefer whether it be water shoes, sandals or flip-flops you need protection for your feet. When walking from Destin beaches to your condominium, hotel or beach house you will encounter hot surfaces from the sun’s rays even on the sand, you need shoes to protect your feet.

Beach Toys

Whether you are 6 or 65 everyone loves playing in the sand. The detailed task of building a sand castle is one we all love, and it can be very relaxing. Not to mention it can also be very romantic to write a love message to your significant other in the sand.

Beach Bag

You can’t forget your beach bag to put all your items in you are planning on carrying to the beach. A Beach Bag makes it convenient and easy to get all the things where you need them for the day.

Camera and Phone Accessories

The beach will offer many amazing photo opportunities you don’t want to miss. Make sure you take your camera and phone chargers, batteries and memory card so you can capture the special experiences a beach vacation offers.

Water and Snacks

And last but not least if you playing spend hours at a time in the sun is very important you stay hydrated this is why good idea to bring water and a few snacks with you to take to the beach, Water and snacks will keep you feeling great without getting dehydrated.

We at Southern Pest Control hope that these tips are helpful as you prepare to enjoy a great time when visiting one of the many beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Remember to have your home well protected from all types of pests when you are away on your vacation. Some unwanted pests can destroy quite a bit in the short time you are way. Our expert technicians are ready to help. Please call us at 800 527-9832, your friendly staff will be glad to schedule an inspection for you.

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