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You may be asking yourself why do I need a pest control company when I can just go to one of the DO IT Yourself Pest Control stores and buy all the insecticide I need. Well this may not be a wise decision and let me explain why.

Your Health

Beyond being creepy, pests can carry harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that can expose your family members to illness. For instance, cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and can also cause or intensify health problems related to allergies and asthma.

Tick bites can cause Lyme disease, which is a dangerous condition often associated with symptoms such as rashes, severe fatigue and extreme illness.

Ants can contaminate your food, and bees or wasps can cause injuries and trigger dangerous allergic reactions.

With a professional Pest Control Company, you are assured that the problem is eliminated quickly and safely.

Identifying and Eliminating Pest

Most pest control companies can eliminate many different types of pests, including spiders, rodents and all sorts of insects — ants, bees, cockroaches, fleas, termites and wasps.

If you eliminate the pests but don’t find the source attracting them to your home, more infestations are likely. Pest control companies can determine the cause of your problem, find the specific source and eliminate it to prevent future infestation


A professional pest control company can provide quicker and more effective results than if you tried to fix the infestation yourself. Because of their experience and chemicals that may not be readily available to consumers, they can quickly implement extermination plans and efficiently eliminate all pests in a relatively short amount of time.

Avoiding Damage

The cost to hire a pest control company may even save you money over time.

Many pests and rodents can damage your home — destroying carpets, clothes, foundations, floors, furniture, rugs or walls. This can eventually force you to repair the damage or pay to have it fixed.

Paying a licensed professional to eradicate the pest infiltration quickly and effectively can protect your property and help you save on additional damages to your home.

Treatment Cost

The exact price of pest control treatment depends on the type of pest, size of your property, severity of the problem. But rest assured that the cost of a professional pest control service is well worth it when you factor in the areas discussed above. Also when you add in your valuable time there may truly be a cost savings when hiring a professional pest control company.

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