where do mice go in the winter


Reports of mice sightings increase exponentially during the cold part of the year. This rise in mouse encounters is caused by many factors, but the simple answer is that people see more mice in their homes because there are more mice in their homes.

This rodent population undergoes a huge boost in the winter due to mice who wouldn’t normally live indoors looking for shelter.  When it’s warm outside, most will live in an outdoor habitat like the roots of a tree, bushes, tall grass, or hollow logs where nuts, berries, seeds, and other varieties of foods they prefer are easier to come by.  But when the weather turns too cold to withstand and their food sources disappear, mice need to find someplace where they can survive until spring.  Houses and other buildings offer warm, secure attic and wall spaces as well as access to food and water, which attracts these rodents seeking a winter home.  Even structures that aren’t temperature controlled, like garages and sheds, offer protection from the elements.

Their peak season to mate peaks in the fall. It takes mice about a month to reach full maturity, which means that when winter arrives there is a large population entering your home to escape the cold winter. Also when they enter your home they can continue producing broods, so you can easily see a small number of mice can quickly escalate into a huge infestation in a short period of time.

New entry points in your home allow a greater opportunity for them to get in. Lower temperatures cause building materials to contract which can create cracks and crevices that allow mice to easily enter your home.

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