Q: What should I keep in mind while searching for a pest control company?

A: There are a number of tips you can follow when looking for pest management experts to service your home, business, or other property:

1. Ask neighbors for references. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to find out about the best – and worst – companies.

2. Reputable pest control companies are licensed with your state’s regulatory agency. Ask to see the credentials of the company, and the service technicians they employ. The Department of Agriculture is also a great resource for this information.

3. Memberships with industry associations, such as the National Pest Management Association, State Pest Management Association, Chambers of Commerce, and other related organizations are a strong indicator that a company stays up to date on ethical and technical practices.

4. Check each company’s knowledge on a variety of pests and construction types. Good companies should be able to service a wide variety of problems in most types of structures.

5. Ensure the company provides thorough initial inspections, re inspections and re treatment services, and provides an agreement or contract stating the terms of service.

Q: Will the Products harm my family or pets, are they environmentally safe?

A: No. Southern Pest Control, Inc. uses products that are found to be safe to humans, pets and the environment. The products we use are tested thoroughly by their manufacturers, which are the same companies that produce pharmaceuticals in some cases, by independent labs, in long term field studies, and they are then independently evaluated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure their safety. If you still have concerns, our integrated pest management company can answer your questions, or supply Safety Data Sheet information and Label Specifications upon request.

Q: If pests reappear after treatment, has my treatment service failed?

A: Not necessarily. It may be common to see pests reappear after an initial service. This may be the result of a “flushing” effect of some products used to bring the pest out of their harborage areas. Some pests, such as German Roaches, will require multiple, frequent treatments in order to control or eradicate them properly, so they may be still present after the first treatment. The level of an infestation is also a factor that determines the length of time, and number of services required to properly control a particular pest. Not every pest treatment is 100% effective on the first application – even from the most reputable companies. Remember, you’re dealing with living creatures. and they can often find unprotected gaps in the treatment barrier. Experienced pest control professionals will continuously service your home until the source of the problem is identified and eliminated.

Q: Will I be required to leave when my property is being serviced?

A: In most cases, you will not be required to leave. However, under certain circumstances or specific types of treatments, it may require that no one be present or on the premises. You will be notified well in advance of your appointment if it is required that no one be present, and for what length of time no one should be on the premises.

Q: How often should I have my property serviced?

A: Your service technician or another company representative will discuss which type of service, and the frequency in which the service needs to be performed in order to best suit your particular pest problem or situation.

Q: How will my appointment be set?

A: Southern Pest Control, Inc. employs a friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated customer service staff to handle appointment scheduling. We call in advance and schedule appointments with our customers before their service is due in order to accommodate our customers’ specific needs. We believe that providing such an elevated level of personalized customer service, and focusing on our customers’ specific wants and needs, is what sets us apart from the competition.

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