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Bird Control – Removal

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Bird nests and droppings can cause real problems for homes and businesses alike. The germs and bacteria found in their droppings can contribute to over 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses developing in humans. Birds can also cause a general and persistent nuisance when they nest on your property. For over 45 years, Southern Pest Control has provided expert bird exclusion and control along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have many bird removal services available that are discreet, cost-effective, and humane, keeping your property and the birds safe.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

We can all admire and appreciate birds in some circumstances, but when unwanted, they can become a nuisance or even dangerous. Here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there is a long list of regulations to follow when conducting bird control services. This is why we recommend that you delegate bird pest control to professionals: we can take care of birds safely and effectively.

Pest Control for Birds with Southern Pest Control

Whether pigeons, seagulls, or another local bird species is bothering you, we can handle them. These are the three steps that we take to ensure our bird control services are exhaustive and effective:

  1. Our bird removal experts will inspect your property to determine the active bird species and infestation sources.
  2. We will then go forward with exclusion strategies to prevent further roosting or nesting.
  3. If clean-up services are necessary, we work quickly and thoroughly to scrub your property of any waste.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Birds around the Mississippi Gulf Coast often nest and roost inside the structures of businesses. Having customers find out about bird problems can put your reputation at risk. Even worse, if the problem becomes bad enough, you can put your own customers and staff at risk! Taking action sooner than later by seeking out pest control for birds can keep your business safe from all of the hazards that birds bring.

Our bird removal experts will create a customized plan that fits the unique needs of your commercial property.

One of our bird removal team members will draft a custom plan tailored to your business’ needs. We offer ongoing inspections and preventative services as well, aiming to keep birds away throughout the year.

Bird droppings can make a mess and even wear away at building materials. That’s why we offer thorough clean-up and sanitation services that work alongside our bird control procedures.

The most effective way to keep birds from nesting or roosting on your commercial property is to have a bird removal expert install wire deterrents, spike systems, bird coil, or otherwise as they see fit.


With over 45 years of pest control for birds informing our choices, the Southern Pest Control team has what it takes to conduct safe, humane bird control services.

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