There are four species of termites: They are subterranean, dry wood, moist wood, and Formosan.

Subterranean  will build nests in the ground. So as the temperature begins to fall these termites will dig deeper in the soil to find warmer temperatures. Termites have been found over 40 inches below their nest in the winter. Even though they are not as active in winter months as in the summer, they still can remain a threat during the winter.

The dry wood ones will locate a home in dry wood above the ground. Likewise the moist wood termite will build a nest in a wood with a higher moisture level. These two will stay close to their nests in winter months and will normally be active during the winter in warmer climates.

Formosans are another type of subterranean termite. This means like subterranean’s colonies, Formosans also live in the ground. They are distinguishable from subterraneans by the size of their bodies and the size of their colonies. Due to the very large size of their colony they are the known to cause the most damage out of all the species. Because they also nest in the ground, Formosans will dig deeper as the subterranean termites do during the cold winter months.

Even though Termites are normally dormant during winter months there is still a possibility of there being an infestation. There are 3 basic elements that termites need for survival Water, Wood, and Heat. In a warm heated home they could find all three of these elements.


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