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Rain and Pests -You may notice an invasion of pests like ants, roaches, and spiders into your home after a rainy day. Why? In most cases, their shelter is compromised, forcing the pests out of hiding in search of a drier refuge.

With the proper pest control this should deter any potential issue. Also, you can make your home less appealing to pests by doing this these additional tips that can help with the rain and pests in the springtime.

  • Keeping your shrubbery and trees trimmed and away from the exterior of your home
  • Take out your trash and garage daily
  • Clean up any spills
  • Don’t leave pet food out
  • De-clutter your home
  • Seal off any entry points where pest can get in

Applying preventative pest control products that are safe for use around you, your family and pets around can help to limit the number of pests in close proximity to your home and act as a barrier.

Another effect of a lot of rain is the potential for more mosquitoes around your home. With the warmer weather mosquitoes are out in full-force. Rain will create places where water can accumulate. You can help to reduce mosquito problems by eliminating sources of standing water that may have accumulated during heavy rains. Remember mosquitoes can be harmful to you and your family with the various diseases now associated with this pest. So, keeping your yard as safe as possible from these pests is important.

We at Southern Pest Control hope that this information was helpful. We have been in the pest control industry for over 35 years. All of our staff are well trained to protect your home and offices from any unwanted pests while doing this with environmentally safe products. Please call us at 800 527-9832 if we can help. Also, visit our website at www.southernpestcontrol.biz to meet our team and learn more about us and our services.

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