destructive pests

Descructive pests have their subtle ways of invading our homes and when they do; our homes are at the mercy of their horrid infestation. They creep their way in and damage and destroy the structure and appearance of our beloved homes. Here are a few of the pests that prove size really doesn’t matter when it comes to causing a tremendous damaging impact:


There are numerous species of ants which can form their colonies and enter into a home via the littlest of cracks in search of sweet and greasy food. Fire ants, tiny as they are, can cause damage to electrical switches, air conditioning and transformer boxes, which could eventually lead to power outages. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, live in wood that is hollow, decaying, or moist and cause immense damage.


Termites are little terrors that can suck away the structural integrity of walls and floors, making them sag, and considerably lowering their value. They silently destroy our homes and are capable of causing extensive damage especially to wooden structures and plants. They are not something that can be easily removed from your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the little bloodsuckers that can soil our furniture, home and bedding. They feed on blood and can come into their attack mode while you are sound asleep at night. They can be found on sheets, in mattress seams and also in crevices and cracks. Once they make their way into your home, they travel from one room to the next until they’ve marked their territory in every single area of your home. They can damage your home as well as your health as their bites can be itchy and be the cause of red welts on your skin.


Cockroaches are far from being a pretty sight and exist in various shapes and sizes. They can make their way into your home through vents, drain pipes, sewers, crevices and cracks and can reproduce extremely quickly. If spotted, they are quick in reaching their hideout spots and though they can be easily killed, they can spread to various locations of your house and multiply just as easily.

Cockroaches are highly unhealthy and can lead to infecting us with allergies, especially in sensitive individuals like children and the elderly. Also, they could be a repelling sight when spotted by guests.

Pests, in their various shapes and forms can be a real menace to our homes and can destroy structures, leading to repairs, replacements, and a huge list of expenses. Their bites are another thing to keep away from as they can cause skin irritations and allergies. They can be easily taken care of and if you think your house is a victim of these destructive invaders, give us a call and we will come right away to rescue you and your home from these little pests that can potentially cause widespread damage.

Call us at 800-527-9832, we have a courteous and friendly staff always willing to help. At Southern Pest Control we take PRIDE in treating your home as though it were ours.

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