Pest control and exterminator services from Southern Pest Control in Gulfport, Mississippi

We have been servicing the Gulfport, Mississippi area for over 45 years. Many of your friends and family may already be using our services for peat control at their homes or businesses in Gulfport, Mississippi. Our reputation is excellent and we continue to obtain referrals for pest control services in the Gulfport, Mississippi area.

In addition to pest control, we also offer animal removal for the unwelcome creatures that find their way in your yard or attic. Our staff is equipped to safely remove these animals from your property and to hopefully transport them to a safe environment where they can continue to live.

Unwanted pests can destroy your home and belongings, pest control service in Gulfport is essential. Some of the signs that you are having a pest control problem in Gulfport are visible but some may not be. The smallest insect may be causing damage to your home and property without you knowing.

Affordable Pest Control Gulfport, Mississippi

At Southern Pest Control we come to your home or business and complete a free pest control inspection. Our staff will set an appointment around your business schedule and trained professional with give you solutions to your pest or animal problem.

Also, termites are a major problem in Gulfport, Mississippi. With the docks close by there is always a threat of new termites entering our community. Therefore, at Southern Pest Control we stand up to date of all termite alerts and new treatments available to keep our homes and businesses free of termite damage.

We at Southern Pest Control always use government and health approved chemicals to insure the safety of our customers. Every chemical for any application has been researched and approved.

We are schooled and skilled in combating this unwelcome guest. We use state of the art technology with the health approved chemicals to safeguard our homes and businesses in our area. Please let us come by and inspect your property and show you the protection we offer to set your mind at ease.

Pest Control Service in Gulfport, MS Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area

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