Mold/Crawlspace – What can be done to limit moisture buildup and crawl space mold? You may be have asked this question to yourself or asked others. We at Southern Pest Control would like to offer some tips that may can help you with your concerns.

  • Check the foundation walls and make sure there are no cracks where water can enter. Along these lines, check that there are no holes or cracks in the ceiling of your crawl space. These holes can be a gateway for mold and water transport from the crawl space to your living area.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts channel away from the house. Otherwise, water can accumulate near the house and eventually find its way inside your crawl space.
  • Check for adequate ventilation. At a minimum, there should be 1 square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of crawl space area. Many building professionals now advocate closing vents and controlling moisture through other means.
  • In vented crawl spaces, insulate tightly against the sub floor. Secure the insulation snugly with mechanical fasteners. Do not just stuff the insulation up in the sub floor between the joists and hope it stays put. It will likely fall out eventually without fasteners. The vapor barrier portion of the insulation should face the heated source, which typically means upward against the subfloor.
  • Make sure existing insulation is not missing or sagging.
  • Make sure plastic sheeting covers the entire dirt crawl space and goes up a few inches alongside the foundation walls. There should be plenty of overlap between the layers of sheeting and the sheeting should be absent of any standing water.
  • Look for leaks around HVAC ducts and plumbing components.
  • Dryer vents should also terminate to the outside of the house and NOT into the crawl space.

When you feel that you need some help dealing with these issues, we at Southern Pest Control offer state of the art crawlspace care technology and help with moisture issues. Please visit our mold/crawlspace page on our website to learn more about the services we offer. Your safety is very important. The crawl space and attic present a number of potential safety hazards that can cause serious bodily harm and even death. Potential dangers are real, especially if you do not know what you are doing!

If you lack experience working in attics or crawl spaces or are hesitant to do so for any reason, call us at Southern Pest Control at 800 527-9832 to help.


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