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Well the holidays are here and we all tend to forget what is important when it comes to staying fit and eating healthy. We at Southern Pest Control would like to share these holiday tips on trying to stay fit and healthy through this festive season.

  • Don’t be creative with the food that is in your control.Keep your food simple, and stick to what you know works whenever possible, then the party fare won’t be as stressful, damaging to your waistline. You know how to eat healthy…don’t let the holidays completely push you off track. Keep what you can control simple, and balance the holiday foods with your go-to healthy foods.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. There are usually not many holiday breakfast parties, so keep these in straight forward and consistent. Rotate between two to three choices that you prefer.
  • Healthy lunch and dinner ideas need to be as much of your healthy routine as possible. Especially with most parties being focused around these meals. Remember don’t eat those party leftovers as a meal when you can revert back to your healthy diet.
  • Remember keep your cabinets and kitchen clean throughout these holidays. Less clutter will not only help you feel better, but it will also keep the temptation of eating those holiday treats all day.
  • Be sure and get your proper sleep at all costs. A big holiday habit you need to have down this holiday season is your bedtime routine. Sleep hygiene is a really powerful tool in your wellness kit because the better rested you are, the less likely you will be to eat out of fatigue, stress, or grumpiness. No staying up latewrapping presents. Your sleep is more important than that pretty bow.

We at Southern Pest Control hope these tips are helpful. Please remember when an unwanted pest problem occurs during these holidays, we are only a call away. Please visit our website at to meet our team of professionals with over 37 years of servicing the Gulf Coast area.


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