Holiday season and unwanted pests


With the holiday season here, families across the country are getting into the spirit by putting up their Christmas tree, stringing festive lights, wrapping presents and decorating their homes. These activities can provide for pests like spiders, ticks, ants, and mice to inadvertently brought into your homes.

One of the common ways that pests enter your home during the holidays is via your Christmas tree, wreaths and firewood. Ants, spiders, ticks and other pests can hide deep in the branches of trees and crevices of wood. In some cases, these pests can even lay lays in your Christmas tree or garland.

To prevent bringing pests into your home on live trees, take a few moments to carefully inspect your tree before bringing it in.

Another way pests come in is through boxes of decorations, which have been stored in your basement or attic all year. Mice and other pests find their way into these boxes during the off-season. When you unpack the decorations, you may find dead pests or droppings inside. Unfortunately, also you may find the holiday decorations have been chewed or destroyed by pests.

When it is time to decorate, unpack holiday items outside and inspect all items carefully for signs of pest, dropping, gnaw marks or other damages before bringing them into your home. Pay special attention to strings of lights to ensure that wiring has not been frayed by pests.

The most important time to insure that you are pest free when decorating for the holidays is after the holiday season is over. You should store holiday décor in hard, plastic bins with tightly sealed lids. Do not pile discarded trees or cut firewood near your home.

During all the rush and hurry that occurs during the holiday season, just taking a few precautionary steps can greatly reduce your chances of battling unwanted pests during the festive season.

Remember if you have signs of pests or have any concerns about infestation during the holiday season, please call us at Southern Pest Control at 800-527-9832. We are available during the holidays to help you stay pest free so that you can fully enjoy this time of the year with your family and friends.

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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