animal removal

animal removal
animal removal
animal removal

Animal Removal- We at Southern Pest Control are not only a professional Pest Control Service, we also can remove any unwelcome animals that wonder on to your property. We remove many animals that may have found their way into your attic. We safely remove squirrels, rats, and bats that have found their way into your attic.

What to look for as a homeowner would alert you that you have an animal in their attic or crawl space? It’s important to always pay attention to your home. Many homeowners never pay attention to the exterior of their houses.  If they did they could catch loose siding or soffit before their critter problems get out of control. Animals are likely to make noise inside the attic, scratching, scurrying, scampering, gnawing, etc. It’s not a good idea to ignore these noises or to assume they’ll simply go away.

We also remove snakes, raccoons, birds, rabbits and any other wild life that is on your property.

We at Southern Pest Control remove them to a safe wildlife environment. Unless they are like a rat that need to be destroyed before removing.

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