Bugs and Rain- Spring has gone and Summer is definitely here. How does the weather impact how bugs come out and belong a problem?

Pests are always looking a warm, safe shelter and dependable food source. And your home may be the perfect alluring place for them.

Since pests are influenced by the seasons, the threats they pose shift as the weather changes. To keep pests out and protect your home from invasion it is important to be aware of spring and summer pest patterns and take the proper precautions during these seasonal weather shifts.

In the spring temperatures warm up and the flowers bloom. With this mix of warmth and moisture pests emerge from their winter nesting spots and activity starts to increase. Bees and wasps awaken from their dormant state, termites may swarm and excess rains might bring ants indoors in search of higher-ground.

Springtime is also mating season. Although pest activity increases in the spring, majority of pest movement and patterns tend to occur outside of the home as pests seek food and water and look to mate. Some pests, however, will be looking for protected places, such as your home, to build a nest. You should be mindful of any changes you notice inside your home, such as a pile of bug wings or ant invasion. If you remain aware of regular insect patterns around and in your home each spring you’ll be better poised to notice abnormal insect or pest behavior and note your observations to a pest control professional.

Outside of ant invasions during rainy times, summer typically offers a reprieve from insects and pests seeking shelter in your home. The outdoors offers plenty of food and shelter. But remember summer is however the perfect time for our unwelcome friends the mosquito and the gnat. And, increases in the number of mosquitos and gnats often result from heavy summer rains, as water sources are a common breeding site. Both these pests make it hard to enjoy a nice summer evening on your back porch or patio.

In addition to the mosquito and gnat there are other insects include ticks, bees and wasps that become a problem in the summer. Bees and wasps may build their homes in any opening of your house, beneath overhangs or in the ground near the foundation of your home. Bees and wasps are annoying and present health risks when they attack humans, just like mosquitos and ticks. Trying to make sure that you deter these insects from building their homes near you and establishing a presence in your yard requires you to make an effort. However, by doing so it can definitely increase your ability to enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

We at Southern Pest Control hope that this information was beneficial. Remember if you have an out of control pest problem in your home or outdoors, we are here to help. We have been in the Pest Control business for over 37 years serving the entire Gulf Coast Region. Please call us at 800 527-9832 if we can help. Please visit our website at www.southernpestcontrol.biz to meet our team of experts and learn more about our services.

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