Here is another one of those annoying pests that become a summer problem. It is  ANTS.

You can’t anticipate every place ants will try to enter your home. While you can easily block windows, they come up the sink and through cracks in the house as well. When they get in, you have kill them or they won’t leave.

You can make your own ant traps, but when you need to resort to mass murder you should spend a few dollars on the professional stuff. It doesn’t cost much and works well. Summer ants love sweet and greasy foods. When you go to purchase traps, you want to look for the ones that attract those kinds of ants. Some traps work for both, however, so you can get those as well. Regardless, remain patient. The ants you see out and about need to take the poisoned food from the trap back to the ants in their colony. That process takes time, and then you have to wait for the rest of the colony to eat the food and die. When you have a large ant problem you need some patience. They won’t disappear immediately, but you can knock them out over the course of the week with the right kind of trap.

If you don’t yet have an ant problem or want to prepare for the next attack, you can do a lot to prevent ants from coming in. They love windows and a variety of household remedies can ward them off and block them out.

Before you resort to anything fancy, clean your house. Keep it as clean as possible throughout the summer months. Here are a couple tips in cleaning  your house to keep ants away.

  • Don’t leave food out.
  • Eat dinner at a table so nothing falls into the couch.

While you may not find the time to keep a perfectly clean home, do the best you can. You improve your chances of an ant infestation greatly if you give them no reason to come inside. Even if they do venture into the house, cleaning still helps. They leave a scent trail for other ants, so proper cleaning will delete it. One part vinegar and three parts water works as a great homemade option.

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