Friendly Beneficial Pests

Ladybug on blades of grass in the Mississippi gulf coast; Southern Pest Control


beneficial pests

Beneficial Pests – Not all insects are pests. There are several species we refer to as beneficial insects that could help eliminate and control pests that do a great deal of damage to our beautiful gardens and lawns. Beneficial insects could be considered a component of biological control, which refers to the method of controlling pests using other living organisms. If you are new to this method then here are some reasons why you should consider using it to combat garden pests.

Here are 7 Beneficial Insects for Garden Pest Control

  • LadyBugs
  • Ground Beetles
  • Minute Pirate Bugs
  • Green Lacewings
  • Aphid Midges
  • Damsel Bugs
  • Braconid wasps


Before You Introduce Beneficial Insects

There are many benefits to introducing the bug predators, but before you do anything, here are some important things to consider.

  • Regulations & permits – you may potentially need a permit if you are importing certain species of insects. For example, here is a list of insects that don’t require import permits for California.
  • Neighbors – have the courtesy to tell and educate your neighbors on introducing beneficial insects. The last thing you want is for your neighbors to be spraying chemical pesticide all over the place, which in turn, could easily have a knock-on effect on your garden. Who knows? Your neighbors may also be willing to share the cost of investing in these beneficial insects too.
  • Optimal environment – make sure the climate and vegetation provides a suitable habitat for the beneficial insects. What’s also important is to make sure there is a low to medium population of the targeted pest in your garden. Otherwise, the insects may leave for an area with a more reliable source of food.


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