Ants and Summer Time

ants and summer time

Ants are not generally considered dangerous pests, but they can pose significant health and cosmetic damage to turf grass. Controlling them in the lawn becomes important where their hill building causes root damage to grass and unsightly mounds. These colony insects settle in large numbers and build intricate labyrinths in grass root systems. Knowing how to control them in lawns begins with some information on these insect’s soil and location preferences and a concerted effort to destroy their nests.

The mounds and hills formed by ant colonies are not the only issue with
these insects. Many species also have an interest in ranching and will “farm” aphids and mealybugs, protecting them and assisting their daily needs to keep a local source of honeydew. Honeydew is the substance secreted by aphids and mealybugs and is something of a delicacy to ants.

Having a colony of farming ants can mean real trouble for your veggies and ornamental plants, the food of choice for mealybugs and aphids. Controlling ants in the lawn is a good way to minimize the population of these pest insects.

prefer dry, well-drained soil in an undisturbed, low traffic area. Lawn
dwelling ants are generally not an issue because these are not the stinging
sort but some species have a habit of undermining grass roots and can cause large dead patches in the lawn.

Spot control is the best method for killing ants. They tend to concentrate
in a small area and spot application isolates the chemical zone and minimizes damage to beneficial insects who also call the grass home.

They can be a blessing and a curse, so consider the severity of the problem
before determining what action you should take. Their activity is also a
natural pest control and can increase the tilth of soil, acting as wild
aerators to loosen the dirt around roots and enhance growth.

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